Polka Dot Travel

Sanda Design / Polka Dot Travel

Independent travel agent ‘Polka Dot Travel’ required a new brand developing. The new brand needed to be both visually appealing and give a competitive advantage over other independent travel agents within the area.

Sanda Design came up with a strong identity, which played on the travel theme and had a bold colour scheme. We believe the branding will give Polka Dot Travel the head start that is required to become the most recognised independent travel agent in the area.

We feel consistency is vital in creating a strong brand. With that in mind, we paid a lot of attention making sure the new brand was consistent across all materials (including custom-made instore wallpaper).

Since the launch of the brand, Polka Dot Travel continues to grow, with eleven stores now trading.


2014 - Present


Branding, Marketing Campaign, Print