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RIP Google+

RIP Google+

Today we see Google+ finally laid to rest. Launched back in 2011, Google+ was Google’s attempt at a social network platform. Like many social media networks, it had the usual features such as status updates and photo posts. One of its key feature was the ability to sort friends into ‘Circles’ and make ’hangout’ group video calls. Google let the world know...

Wordpress’s latest major update - Gutenberg

WordPress’s Latest Major Update

What is Gutenberg? Named after Johannes Gutenberg, inventor of the printing press in Germany in the mid-1400s, Gutenberg is the latest major update to Wordpress, which hopes to revolutionise the Wordpress publishing experience. Gutenberg’s primary change will see the replacement of the existing post/page editor, with a new visual block editor. What’s the issue? Since it’s beta launch, Gutenberg has stirred up a...